As I speak to Mother Earth and Father Sky,  I ask…

When will the earth be healed?

And the great spirit spoke back like rumbling thunder

“When people become one with the planet’s vibrations and realise the ripples that hurt the earth also hurt human beings and all species.” 

…And so I became a healer

Crystal and Spiritual Healing Sydney
Remote Distance Healer
Remote Distance Healer

My life is now a constant stream of light that reflects back the parasites and negative forces,

yet I am still just a boy and also a man from Gunnedah, an outback town in Australia.

Growing up as an indigenous man now is different these days since our people have been displaced.

If I had lived with my Kamilaroy tribe in the thick scrub I would by now be seen as an Elder or Sharman.

Mayby even a magic man as my gifts are many.

I however reached high as a child and that was to be my fate.

So now I reach out for a much larger tribe called humanity!

                                                                                                                      I believe Great Spirit is like that!

If you don’t think remote healing works…

It doesn’t matter!

Whatever you did, Rob, you helped my health a great deal! I have never felt better. My immune system is working better than it has for ages!
Deb Handley
I have found Robert to be very gifted, yet with a modest personality. Robert shows empathy and compasion towards all his clients…
Maya Solomon, Avada Theme

“Being a musician,

vibrations jump out at me in a way I cannot describe, but it goes something like this:

All things on earth have energy

and run at different vibration levels just like electricity and water.

I have learnt to send spiritual healing sydney

through my own vibrations to people and animals miles away”

Crystal and Spiritual Healing Sydney 

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