Spiritual Healing For Abundance

In order to receive spiritual healing in abundance according to your connection to the greater living spirit For 70,000 before the arrival of the white people, the Aboriginal Australians survived in abundance and health, in harmony with the land. I call upon the power of my ancestors to connect you with this same abundance.

Living in a city, perhaps somewhere else in the world, your circumstances are different to my ancestors, but the need for need, is exactly the same. One to three sessions are recommended.

Energy Healing For Wellness

Aboriginal people, regardless of tribe, were mindful of the healing power of water. There are many sacred rites that revolve around the life giving force of water. For example, just take one moment to close your eyes and visualise a beautiful dolphin with your mind’s eye. Feel calmer? Even a layman can glipse the immense healing power of these beautiful creatures. In order to perform remote distance psychic healing, I invoke the power of water animals and river spirits, to endow healing upon your physical body and spiritual essence. If you are not connected to this land, it may seem improbable, but just read a few of the testimonials on the does it work page. One to five sessions are recommended, depending on your current health status.

Remote Spiritual Healing For Animals

Today, just like all the days that have ever been, our companion animals become important to us. Aboriginal spiritual drawings
and mysticism centres around the various powers of animals and their relationship to each other, humans and the land. As we get
to know their loving spirit, they become one with us, and entwine into our family story. That’s why it’s so distressing when a pet becomes ill or is injured. Fortunately, there’s more that can be done for them, than just a visit to the vet. Animals are very receptive to remote, distance spiritual healing and therefore may only need a single
session to gain benefits from the process.